Columbia Care – Scranton, PA

Located at: 1740 North Keyser Avenue, Scranton, PA, USA

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About Us

Columbia Care Pennsylvania is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary located in Scranton, PA. This dispensary aims to be the premier provider of alternative healthcare services and products for qualifying patients in the State of Pennsylvania. This is a patient-centered healthcare company setting the standard-of-care for medical marijuana.


This dispensary has key commitments Safety, Excellence and expertise compassion and care. Their mission is to eliminate suffering and revitalize individuals and communities through partnership, education, and the responsible use of their products as a natural means to help their patients lead productive and rewarding lives.


They consistently provide pharmaceutical quality cannabis products. Their partnering cultivation centers are equipped to provide natural and carefully controlled micro-climates for their harvests. A chemist performs extraction of THC and CBD, using state of the art equipment.  Their pharmacy team proactively educates patients on the safe use of medical marijuana.


They are the first and largest medical marijuana healthcare company to operate both dispensaries and cultivation centers across the United States.

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