Compassionate Care Center of – Bethel, CT

Located at: 4 Garella Rd

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About Us

Compassionate Care Center is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary of Bethel, Connecticut. Here the life is about more than mere survival; life should be full of joy, celebration, and creativity. They proudly offer educational resources for its patients and strives to bring medicinal cannabis out of the shadows and into the light of modern medicine in the hope of giving patients the joy, celebration, and creativity their lives deserve.


They are proud to be the first medical marijuana dispensary operational in Connecticut. The founding team combines decades of medical and functional experience to provide a haven for those who seek cannabis as an effective remedy. They deeply care about its community and wishes to aid in the success and wellness of its neighbors and loved ones.


The team at Bethel strives to ensure the most enjoyable and caring experience possible for every individual who visits its dispensary and the team understands the uncertainty new patients face when considering medical marijuana for the first time.

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