Complete Releaf Lafayette, CO

Located at: 1669 Coal Creek Dr

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About Us

Complete Releaf is a medical marijuana dispensary located at Lafayette, CO. This is not just a dispensary they are complete experience. They provide health and consumer education as well as products that will satisfy everyone. They not satisfied with just offering one thing instead, they offer marijuana and beyond.


Whether you are looking for high CBD only products, clones, glass, Grassroots apparel, grow supplies, a wide array of vape products, and everything between, they are ready and able to serve you at their dispensary and glass boutique. They keep everything at a competitive price because they want you to enjoy life and be healthy. Through their variety of items, they ensure that they remain the one-stop shop that customers are looking for.


At their dispensary in Lafayette, CO, their staff knowledgeable and helpful people who can answer any question or address any concern you any have. Their aim is to grow the products and be a leading providing in marijuana and other related products.

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