CULTA Urbana – Frederick, MD

Located at: 8709 Fingerboard Road, Frederick, MD, USA

Phone: 301-810-2962

About Us

As a vertically-integrated brand, CULTA grows and distributes top-shelf cannabis throughout Maryland, as well as operates dispensaries in Maryland.

In June 2023, CULTA acquired Kannavis in Frederick to provide medical patients and customers in Urbana and Frederick with quality cannabis.

Kannavis is known for its wide selection of cannabis products in many different flavors, strengths and forms, each providing its own distinct effects.

CULTA is also proud to provide Kannavis with exclusive products from our brands, including CULTA, Robhots and Blissiva.

If you’re new to cannabis or looking to treat an MCA-approved condition, our budtenders are here to fulfill your order.

We offer many plant varieties that are bred and cultivated specifically for approved medical conditions, including epilepsy, PTSD, and chronic pain.


  • This Medical Marijuana Dispensary is able to accept cash as a form of payment for medicinal marijuana products.
  • Debit Cards are an accepted form of payment at this Medical Marijuana Dispensary. Come on in and shop with confidence when you shop with us!
  • This Medical Marijuana Dispensary currently offers a curbside-pickup service at their location. Order ahead and pickup at your convenience!
  • Order products online for pickup with this Medical Marijuana Dispensary location. Purchase medicine from the comfort of your own home.
  • This Medical Marijuana Dispensary keeps its customers feeling safe by providing stellar Onsite Security during all operating hours.
  • Parking for your vehicle is available nearby this Medical Marijuana Dispensary location. Stop in and see us today!

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