Delta 9 Dispensary – Greensburg, PA

Located at: 305 East Pittsburgh Street, Greensburg, PA, USA

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About Us

Delta 9 is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary by Keystone Integrated Care and is situated in Greensburg , PA. They look forward to offering medical marijuana patients in Greensburg and throughout Pennsylvania with top-quality, expertly cultivated and finely process cannabis products. Their dispensary team is dedicated to lasting effective improvement of their patients’ quality of life through medical marijuana. Also they will provide thorough educational materials and expert patient care to empower their patients to make informed decisions regarding their health and medical cannabis.


They are committed in advancing health & wellness through medical marijuana therapies, providing patients with safe, reliable products and compassionate services. As marijuana is becoming more accepted as a form of medication, they will continue to conduct and improve upon the products and treatments. Their mission is to get medicine to patients in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that did not have access to medicinal marijuana. As based in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, they will serve medical marijuana patients throughout Westmoreland County and beyond.

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