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Located at: 1827 Old Hardin Rd

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The Elevated is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary at Billings,MT. Their work is their passion. They have a true passion to bring safe, reliable, high quality relief to as many Montanan’s as they can. They are the Montana Medical Marijuana Programs premier provider. They currently have a great selection of flower and edibles and are working hard to offer even more.


As a premier Montana-based dispensary, they commit to three core values:Actively helping patients, Maintaining standard of professional customer service, Providing a wide selection of medical marijuana products. As attitudes toward medical marijuana use change, they are available to bring top-shelf cannabis to patients suffering from debilitating conditions.


The Billings dispensary team is committed to providing superior customer service dedicating their efforts to help patients improve their quality of life. Also they offer an extensive menu of top-tier products and proudly opens their doors to the medical cannabis communities around Billings.


The devoted team is made up of the most experienced cannabis professionals trained to assist and advise patients. The friendly dispensary staff welcomes patients and introduces them to a variety of products suited to alleviate their discomfort.  They are knowledgeable and qualified to recommend products to patients. The team at this Billings dispensary is devoted to helping patients.

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