Enlightened – Mount Prospect, IL

Located at: 2105 E Euclid Ave, Mt Prospect, IL, USA

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About Us

Enlightened is a medical dispensary located in Mount Prospect, Illinois. Seeking to provide relief and comfort for those in pain, they have made their mission to find medications that work where traditional medicines fail. That mission has led them to educate themselves not just on the latest methods of care, but also on the broader patient experience.


By listening to and constantly communicating with patients, physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and hospice care workers, as well as researching what may work in providing relief, they have gained a deep understanding and gratitude for compassionate care. This knowledge informs the tone for their dispensary, and all who work in it.


They are driven by empathy, patient empowerment, and the privilege to provide you with a safe, comforting environment, filled with staff members who warmly welcome, serve, and assist you in selecting the appropriate medicine for your needs. They have created an environment for a transformative experience for patients and caregivers alike. At their dispensary,  their patient-centric approach and experience as caregivers ensures every decision they make has you in mind.

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