Euphoria Wellness – Bozeman, MT

Located at: 303 Shepard Trail unit #8 Bozeman, MT 59718

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About Us

Euphoria Wellness is Montana’s premiere medical marijuana dispensary. Located in Bozeman, Montana.They are thrilled to bring dedicated medical cannabis healing and therapies to suffering patients in Bozeman and throughout Montana. Crafting high-quality medical marijuana goods paired with compassionate patient care, they proudly offer the best possible compassion and service to their patients.


Proudly dedicating their work to the medical marijuana, the founders of the dispensary saw an opportunity to spread the healing benefits and positivity of cannabis to Bozeman, Montana’s patient community. When Montana updated their cannabis medical regulations, they began the process to become a licensed Bozeman medical marijuana dispensary. Opening in late April of 2017, they are ready to provide health and healing to the Bozeman medical cannabis community.


Harnessing their years of growing experience and knowledge of cannabis care, they are well prepared to aid any suffering Bozeman patient in need. Their dispensary staff is knowledgeable on a variety of strains, consumption methods and health applications of cannabis, allowing them to pass their wisdom on to their patients. They have well-experience in patient care, and their mission is to empower their patients to make informed decisions that meet their medical needs. With a secure, welcoming facility and professional dispensary floor, they strive to offer their patients safe, affordable access to medical marijuana products.

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