Faragosi Farms Trinidad, CO

Located at: 118 Santa Fe Trail

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About Us

Faragosi Farms is an independent medical marijuana dispensary serving patients at Trinidad, CO with a dream to provide the best experience ever, to anyone who walks through their doors, and to make the world a better place while they do it. This is an indie bud shop that opened their doors to medical marijuana users in the Trinidad, Colorado, region. The facility’s primary objective is bringing the best cannabis experience to anyone who walks through their door.


Their mission is to serve and uplift tjheir community by collaborating with local businesses and charities. In fact 33% of all proceeds help local charities all around Trinidad. Since as it is inception, their dispensary strives daily to lead the sustainability, and ever-evolving high standards.


They believe in serving high quality organic and pesticide-free products and aim to educate the public about cannabis. Their staff is the friendliest, most informed group of budtenders around. There are here to answer any and all questions, and elevate your day also inform the general public on the health benefits of alternative medicine practices.

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