FLUENT – Lake Worth, FL

Located at: 1 South Dixie Highway, Lake Worth, FL, USA

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About Us

FLUENT is a stellar medical marijuana dispensary serving the medicinal cannabis communities of Lake Worth, FL and its surrounding cities. The cannabis experts at this dispensary are dedicated to their patient-first philosophy while providing them with the best medical-grade marijuana medications available. They have been setting trends and standards across Florida ever since its founding. From doing away with pain to assuaging anxiety and stress, they will stop at nothing to help their patients.


Innovative production techniques help them grow a high-quality product that provides their patients with relief from painful and debilitating symptoms. All this along with a caring and compassionate staff make this a dispensary experience unlike any other.They believe that by keeping ahead of the curve in technological advancements, they can better help their patients achieve wellness. They are focused on assisting patients with all their medical marijuana needs. They can answer any questions or concerns you have.  With a solid base of long-lasting customer relationships fostered by their care and the quality of the dispensary.

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