FLUENT – St. Petersburg, FL

Located at: 601 34th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33713, USA

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About Us

FLUENT is a medical marijuana dispensary located in St. Petersburg, FL. The St. Petersburg location brings the brand reputation as a quality producer into a local focus. When Florida passed Amendment 2, they decided to expand their horizons by growing medical marijuana. They now sell medicine made from those plants to patients in company-owned dispensaries throughout the state.


Every product starts as pure cannabis oil. Patients on a budget and those who just appreciate a good deal can take advantage of the special promotions they provides. Offering delivery on orders, they  can provide medical cannabis to patients across the state. From high-CBD cannabis oils to indica-leaning THC-focused vaporizer cartridges, they have a variety of products perfect for all types of patient preference.


Their cannabis experts are dedicated to excellent patient care and exclusively dispense medical-grade marijuana medications. Setting incomparable medicinal marijuana standards across the state of Florida, they are committed to improving the lives of its patients. From alleviating pain to eliminating stress and anxiety, there are there for the patient.

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