Fresh Baked Dispensary Boulder, CO

Located at: 2539 Pearl Street

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About Us

Fresh Baked is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary Boulder, CO. This is the second marijuana dispensary in Boulder to serve adult-use cannabis users. They have been in business since 2010 and continue to deliver exceptional customer service to ensure complete satisfaction. This dispensary team abides by Ballot Amendment 20 and participates in local events to show support for the Boulder community.


They carry more than 200 top-quality cannabis products and are home to many award-winning strains. Boulder marijuana patrons can contact the dispensary team by phone. To them, the best customer service and a friendly atmosphere coupled with quality products equals a dispensary experience that’s both fun and laid back. They love bringing their expertise and fresh perspective to both loyal patrons and new customers.


At this dispenary you will find cannabis with character. Their buds are grown fresh in their very own facility. Their unique array of products includes a spectrum of marijuana in every form. They are best known for Scooby Snack and Mob Boss, a CBD-Hybrid strain.

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