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Garden Mother Herbs is a dispensary in Missoula, Montana. They serve Missoula and the surrounding communities, acting as a professional, holistic medical marijuana dispensary. They proudly serves the Missoula community as a professional, deeply personal and holistic medical cannabis dispensary. With carefully handcrafted products and educational resources, this dispensary strives to heal the whole person, not merely the symptoms, using marijuana and natural herbs.


This dispensary was originally opened in 2009 at Missoula and continue serving their patients. Serving around one hundred patients a month, their staff continue to expand and refine their products and request feedback. It’s never about the largest yield; it’s about creating the best-finished product. As the staff learned of the health benefits cannabis provided, they became a medical marijuana dispensary.


Holistic healing is their primary goal. A person is not just a list of symptoms, and everyone who visits their dispensary receives individual care. Budtenders often form close relationships with each patient, suggesting both cannabis and other traditional herbal remedies to help treat them. The staff thrives on feedback, so they always follow-up with all their patients to better understand how products can affect people.

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