Grant Pharms, MMC Colorado Springs, CO

Located at: 320 Prairie Rd

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About Us

Grant Pharms, MMC is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary located in Colorado Springs, CO. This is a family business started in 2016. Here at their dispensary they are committed in providing their patients with the highest quality cannabis to help them live their highest quality of life. They provide comprehensive care and insight into your medical condition.


The founders are passionate about spreading alternative medicine practices to those who need it most. As firm believers in the curative properties of medical cannabis, the team at this dispensary offers only high-quality marijuana strains to their clients. They believe every satisfied marijuana experience begins with the perfect varieties. That is why they are happy to line their shelves with only the best strains available on the market. Patrons who visit their location will be able to choose from an expansive menu.


Their staff professionals will help you find the best form of treatment based on your individual needs. At their dispensary, it is about providing relief through clean, quality medicinal cannabis and developing a new understanding of how to care for their bodies without the use of harsh chemicals.

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