Grass Station 49 – Fairbanks, AK

Located at: 1326 Cushman Street Fairbanks, Alaska 99701

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About Us

Grass Station 49 is a Fairbanks Recreational Marijuana Dispensary.This is a locally owned and operated Fairbanks recreational marijuana retail geared specifically for the sale of locally grown and cannabis products. With a compassionate and knowledgeable staff and positive vibes exuding from every interaction, Fairbanks cannabis consumers now have a local marijuana recreational retail store they can call home.


They believe in the use of recreational marijuana, as well as cannabis as a natural solution for many health issues and concerns. Tjhey offer quality marijuana products and work with the best cultivators in Alaska. Their budtenders are local, knowledgeable and committed to your satisfaction.


After a lifetime of work and passion, they opened their dispensary and proudly began serving and interacting with the Fairbanks cannabis consumers of their community. Since opening, they have become increasingly involved in their community, featuring local artwork. Providing premium marijuana is not a job and is not about money, its their passion and a dream fulfilled.

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