Green Elephant – Juneau, AK

Located at: 101 Mill St. Juneau, Ak, 99801

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About Us

Green Elephant provides recreational and medicinal marijuana to communities throughout Juneau, AK. This dispensary provides safe and convenient access to high-end recreational marijuana products while maintaining a customer-first philosophy. The dispensary acts in full compliance with Alaska Measure 2 and is dedicated to providing its customers with quality product and outstanding customer service.


The founders of the dispensary began their journey with two things: green thumbs and the desire to improve others’ quality of life. So they took to the garden. With the drive to connect with the community about them, they dug deep and ventured into the recreational marijuana industry to improve others’ quality of life. To preserve a little bit of their history, they offer unique views of their bloom room where customers can watch cannabis plants grow.


The inviting, interactive experience at their dispensary complements the nature of their friendly, knowledgeable staff. When you arrive at this dispensary, you can expect to receive helpful assistance throughout your visit.

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