Green Planet Patient Collective – Ann Arbor, MI

Located at: 700 Tappan Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104, USA

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About Us

Green Planet Patient Collective is a Medical Cannabis Dispensary located in Ann Arbor, MI. This dispensary operates as a non-profit group of caregivers and patients who have come together to assist medical marijuana patients and to share information concerning medical marijuana and its cultivation and effectiveness in treating patient conditions.


There are a private membership club consisting of a closed group of patients and caregivers who operate in full compliance with local and state laws. The facility offers a safe and secure environment for patients and caregivers to meet and connect through the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program. The products offered are tested and inspected for quality and purity. This ensures patients are getting a safe product, reducing the risk of contaminants.


They offer a safe environment for dispensary and consulting services for registered medical marijuana patients who may suffer from various debilitating conditions that require this alternative treatment. The dispensary accepts payment by cash, credit card or debit card.

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