Green Stop Log Lane Village, CO

Located at: 130 Maine St Unit B Log Lane Village, Colorado

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About Us

Green Stop is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary located in Log Lane Village, CO. This is a family owned and operated  dispensary. This dispensary in Log Lane Village is the area’s first cannabis dispensary. Serving medical patients, you will find a wide variety of products and accessories at this one-stop-shop. Providing customers with a warm, welcoming atmosphere where they can feel comfortable is their highest priority.


This dispensary has an array of products that suit the needs of any marijuana consumer. Medical patients with special needs can even request strains, and the staff will do their best to track it down. Their menu is filled with quality items that meet the highest standards. Each is specially selected with the customer in mind.


The friendly staff is always nearby to provide education and recommendations, as well as strain information and consumption methods. There is never a customer or patient who leaves without a full bag of quality cannabis and big infectious smile.

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