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About Us

Greener Pastures is a Missoula Medical Marijuana Dispensary located in Missoula, MT. They provide medical marijuana patients in Missoula and the surrounding areas a haven to access pharmaceutical-grade, specialized cannabis medicine. Their team pairs in-depth knowledge with carefully curated products for patients to achieve effective, natural relief. Despite the laws that restricted their ability to provide care, they stayed strong for their patients.


There were founded in 2013 and navigated its original Four Corners dispensary through Montana’s turbulent regulatory changes. The founding team shares cannabis as an important healing aspect of their lives. They passionately believe in marijuana’s healing potential and sought to enrich their community through a flourishing business model. They enjoyed the success that comes with healing others, and proudly expanded its model to open another dispensary in Missoula. Serving hundreds of patients per month, they proudly aids any individual with curated cannabis goods and attentive customer service.


The team focuses on consistency of product and personalized customer care. The budtenders maintain first-name-basis relationships with their customers, and will gladly answer any questions to ensure patients find the optimal cannabis option for their needs.

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