GreenPharms – Flagstaff, AZ

Located at: 7121 Highway 89A, Flagstaff, AZ, USA

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About Us

GreenPharms was one of Flagstaff, Arizona’s first medical marijuana dispensaries opened their doors in 2013. Their thriving Medical Cannabis Dispensary in Flagstaff, Arizona has given patients the ability to confide in a name they can trust. They call their patients PHARMERS. This is your one-stop-shop dispensary in Flagstaff and Northern Arizona.


They offer the highest quality medication at an affordable price. Their growers have years of cultivation experience and regularly test their strains for quality and purity. They are a dispensary that helps the community. Their patients are their passion at their dispensary.They are constantly perfecting their strains through development.


They also like to rotate their selection to increase variety for their patients.  The budtenders sell the flower “deli-style,” so customers can request the exact amount of medicine that they want to purchase. They also makes their own extracts out of their crop to ensure that you are getting a quality concentrate. The local dispensary puts patients first, and aims to create a welcoming and compassionate environment for all card-carrying clients.

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