Greenwave Dispensary Lansing, MI

Located at: 500 E Oakland Ave, Lansing, MI 48906

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About Us

Greenwave Dispensary is a medical marijuana dispensary located at Lansing, MI. The medical dispensaries are dedicated to helping patients understand cannabis as a medicine while providing suggestions on delivery methods and products that can aid in personal health and wellness. They focus on patient care and strive to educate patients.


They are committed in developing a world-class organization that innovates, establishes and utilizes the proven best practices for cannabinoid-based medications throughout the nation. They will set the standard for the delivery of reliable, safe and consistently high-quality cannabinoid-based medicine that integrates with a model of effective and highly compassionate patient-centered care.


Their mission is to help patients enter the cannabis products while bringing FDA standards to dispensing medical marijuana. They focus on quality assurance and patient care and strive to educate patients on cannabinoid therapy and medicines that target illness and condition alleviation. All dispensary agents are highly trained in patient care from the most accredited cannabis training institution in the country.

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