Grizzly Pine Bozeman, MT

Located at: 506 North Broadway Bozeman, MT 59715

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About Us

Grizzly Pine boasts compassionate care, a must for any medical marijuana dispensary. Located at Bozeman,MT. And dedicated to healing their community. They crafts and dispenses the highest quality medical cannabis goods paired with individualized, professional care. This is a family owned and operated medical cannabis dispensary founded to provide high-quality cannabis therapies for suffering Bozeman patients. Committed to medical cannabis knowledge, this dispensary donates part of their profits to cannabis medicine research and development.


They opened their dispensary location in September 2017 after years of successfully aiding Bozeman medical marijuana patients. The medical cannabis dispensary prioritizes patient care and understanding. The dispensary team shows their commitment by donating a portion of sales to support medical marijuana research and development. Their staff takes the time to answer any questions a customer might have and will gladly explain differences in marijuana cultivars, product types, and effects. They encourage patients to take as much time as they need at their dispensary and will do everything possible to make visitors feel comfortable and welcome.

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