Harvest HOC – Peoria, AZ

Located at: 9275 W Peoria Ave, Peoria, AZ, USA

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About Us

Harvest HOC is a Medical Cannabis Dispensary serving the location Peoria, AZ. At their dispensary they are committed in delivering the highest quality cannabis and the best customer service. They are dedicated in providing their patients with the State’s highest quality medical cannabis experience.


Beginning with their proprietary cultivation and packaging methods and continuing with their patient service and educational opportunities offered at their dispensaries, they strive to exceed your expectations. The dispensary concept began with an ambitious idea to change the cannabis dispensary model.


They feel patients should enter a place that is comfortable and healthcare driven. They believe medical cannabis should be grown to the highest of professional standards by true professionals. They want to introduce their patients to the diverse strains and multitude of beneficial qualities that cannabis has to offer, while enlightening them with the deep medicinal history that cannabis has carried with it for thousands of years. The staff can answer any questions you have about medical marijuana and the patient experience.

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