Haven Brandywine, MD

Located at: 7501 Clymer Dr

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About Us

Haven is a Brandywine Medical Cannabis Dispensary.  At Brandywine, Maryland medical cannabis patients have access to high-quality marijuana products and customer service. A board certified physician in the state of Maryland sits at the helm of the dispensary and has made it his mission to provide Maryland’s cannabis community better access to medical marijuana. Thanks to them, medical marijuana patients throughout Brandywine and surrounding areas can connect with friendly and professional staff, dedicated to helping its patients.


Their staff has the experience and knowledge to guide any patient to their perfect strain or product, and patients are more than welcomed to ask any questions that come to mind. The team strives to ensure every patient that visits the dispensary leaves feeling comfortable and confident about their medical cannabis treatment. With them, your relief is here.


This dispensary welcomes medical cannabis patients throughout Prince George’s County, Maryland. Since earning the license, they worked with local government and businesses to champion measures that are best for Maryland patients.

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