Headquarters Cannabis Company Longmont, CO

Located at: 4497 Ute Hwy

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About Us

Headquarters Cannabis Company in Longmont, Colorado is open as a medical  cannabis dispensary. A dedicated team established their dispensary in 2010 with the desire to form a close-knit marijuana community. Although they sell medical-grade products, this dispensary promotes a modern yet comfortable environment. They now have medical section to serve their patrons as best as they can.


Their focus on quality lets you medicate with craft marijuana products that do the job. Their community can help you find something that meets your medical requirements and tastes. They carefully selects their outsourced marijuana merchandise from Colorado’s premium vendors.


They are specializes in developing small-batch flowers with a unique heritage and strong community roots. Featuring a strain for every occasion, they take pride in serving the true connoisseur with a unique set of buds that pay homage to the rich history of marijuana cultivation in the Colorado area.


To shop at this dispensary medical branch, you must have a medical marijuana card. You also need to provide a valid form of ID to confirm your identity.

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