Health for Life – Crismon Mesa, AZ

Located at: 9949 East Apache Trail, Mesa, AZ, USA

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About Us

Health for Life is a state licensed medical marijuana dispensary located in Crimson Mesa, AZ. They are dedicated to the health and well-being of their patients. They believe the medicinal and holistic advantages of cannabis are undeniable, and it is their mission to educate and empower their patients. This Dispensary is committed in serving the medical cannabis community of Arizona.


From top quality products, highly knowledgeable Patient Consultants, and everyday low prices, their goal is to provide an informative and unforgettable experience each and every visit. They share their belief in the power of cannabis through quality medications and information. They offer top-of-the line THC and CBD medications such as Edibles, Flower, and Concentrates as an alternative to prescription drugs.


Their staff is made up of helpful, knowledgeable patients who are driven to help others. Expect a friendly atmosphere here at their dispensary and let them assist you with all your cannabis needs. They also offer discounts for Seniors, Veterans, SSA Disability Recipients, and Dispensary Agents with proper paperwork.

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