Herbaceous Inc Butte, MT

Located at: 1250 Harrison Ave

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About Us

Herbaceous Inc is a Medical Cannabis Dispensary located in Butte, MT. They are a passionate team sincerely interested in offering medical marijuana with impeccable taste and consistent quality to patients in Montana. They offer a variety of great tasting flower, edibles, salves, and extracts available for purchase at their dispensary in Butte or by delivery.


They are located in Butte and invite you to stop by their dispensary and let them help answer any questions you may have. With over twenty years of combined cultivation experience and careful attention to detail, their only primary mission is to provide patients with a quality product that is cured properly to preserve freshness and flavor.


They offer carefully crafted, handmade products designed to provide you with healthy alternatives to address your wellness needs.  Their product line is expanding and currently includes CBD pet products, and other all-natural personal care products. This line of CBD-infused products is available for purchase in their dispensary or online.


This dispensary loves their community and strives to be recognized as a collaborative, trusted partner.  The power of education and advocacy around the cannabis products is critical and they are always happy to answer any questions or address any concerns.

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