HerbaFi Silver Spring, MD

Located at: 8413 Ramsey Ave

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About Us

HerbaFi is a medical cannabis dispensary dedicated to connecting Silver Spring,MD patients to the benefits of cannabis for a better quality of life. This Maryland cannabis dispensary has a team of Wellness Advisors eager to help the Silver Spring community achieve fuller and stronger health with cannabis treatments. Also they operate their dispensary under their three values of health, education, and community.


Their Wellness Advisors will work with you to create the cannabis-based health plan that’s right for you. They will help guide you through the process and educate you on the medicinal benefits of cannabis. They have a vast knowledge of the chemical components of cannabis, the different modes of ingestion, the different strains of cannabis, and their health effects.Their staff is up to date on the newest developments in cannabis science.


The team is well rooted in the Silver Spring community.They are proud to be a pillar of wellness and support for the Silver Spring community, cannabis patients, and residents alike.

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