High Country Healing – Silverthorne, CO

Located at: 191 Blue River Pkwy #202

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About Us

The High Country Healing is a Medical Cannabis Dispensary serving patients at Silverthorne, CO. At their dispensary, cannabis is their greatest passion, and admittedly an obsession, but it is their relationships with the customers that really keep them going.


They curate a huge variety of exotic strains, and take great care to nurture and foster the most exquisite characteristics of each plant, lovingly growing for their customers’ medical needs.


At this dispensary, their philosophy is small-batch, large-variety, handcrafted cannabis. Because lets face it, there is just no substitute for a grower’s daily hands-on love and attention.


In order to serve these diverse requirements of their patients, they view extensive cannabis knowledge as a prerequisite to be a Budtender. Their friendly, warm, and caring employees offer detailed descriptions of each product’s potency, terpene profiles, and genetics.


They understand each of their patients is different and endeavor to dial-in an offering as unique as you are. That is why they grow 50 cannabis varieties at a range of prices to suit every budget and invite you to  Pick Your Own Bud.They would love to see you and help you embark upon your own personal cannabis journey.

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