Hillside Natural Wellness – Anchorage, AK

Located at: 8639 Toloff St Anchorage, AK 99507

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About Us

Hillside Natural Wellness is an Anchorage, AK Recreational Marijuana Dispensary. This dispensary provides cannabis users the highest quality, locally grown THC & CBD products in Anchorage, Alaska. They serve thjeir community with the utmost respect and patience, while providing cannabis product education. Their south side retail dispensary is a safe zone for all marijuana questions and concerns.


The folks at the dispensary worked hard and built their custom facility from the ground up in South Anchorage. Rustic chic and very beautiful, and opened their doors in January of 2018. Simply put, their cannabis products are top-shelf – which is exactly what their community deserves.


The founders of the dispensary launched their dispensary to connect local consumers with safe, effective cannabis products.Their dispensary values education and loves to empower its customers with robust marijuana knowledge. The dispensary sources their cannabis goods from premier Alaskan cultivators and processors, the team will also carry an in-house selection of marijuana products.

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