Homegrown Healthcare of Maine LLC Winthrop, ME

Located at: 662 Stanley Rd

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About Us

Homegrown Healthcare is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary serving Winthrop, ME location. They offer a comprehensive wellness and educational care center that encompasses all things cannabis and alternative medicine. The dispensary’s goal is to empower patients to responsibly make decisions regarding their well-being. Through thorough alternative wellness education and a selection of highly medicinal cannabis therapies, patients enjoy access to a more natural, improved quality of life .


At this dispensary team understands firsthand the responsibilities involved with being a caregiver. The staff proudly offers consulting services and plenty of educational resources to for its patients to explore. Patients can stop by anytime to enjoy dedicated attention, where a budtender will walk them through selection of cannabis and answer any questions. They features an extensive menu of cannabis products optimized to suit a variety of health conditions. This dispensary provides high-quality flower tinctures, candies, ointments, oils, and suppositories available in a variety of genetics. While patients are seen on a first-come, first-served basis, new patients can schedule an appointment in advance to discuss how medical cannabis might suit their needs.

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