Huron View – Ann Arbor, MI

Located at: 3152 Packard Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48108, USA

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About Us

Huron View is a medical marijuana dispensary located at Ann Arbor, MI. As one of Ann Arbor’s favored high-grade medical marijuana facilities, their dispensary provides the surrounding community with a variety of organically grown, high-quality marijuana options to offer potent and natural relief.


This dispensary provides exceptional cannabis products certified by professional medical marijuana doctors and herbalists. The dispensary boasts a varied selection of options with a menu that updates and changes often. They specializes in a wide range of  services and tools to get patients educated, informed and empowered more than ever before.


The staff is always available on hand to educate patients about the products available for use. Personal consultations are available to provide a more intimate experience. All first-time patients receive a special gift complimentary of the dispensary. The dispensary hosts various deals and specials throughout the week. All patrons should reference the dispensary’s virtual menu for the latest information regarding the dispensary available products and specials.

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