IgadI – Lafayette, CO

Located at: 1325 S. Public Rd

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About Us

IgadI is a full spectrum premium medical cannabis dispensary located in Lafayette, CO. They have created the ultimate dispensary experience through their dedication to two principles: transparency and education. This is a full spectrum Cannabis Company dedicated to creating the ultimate experience by producing High Quality Products through Transparency and Education.


This dispensary wants to reimagine the cannabis experience with you. The same scientific knowledge they apply to developing new and innovative marijuana products is used to create an exceptional guest experience. Once you become a customer at their dispensary, you can look forward to incredible benefits. Their top-shelf line of products is sold throughout the state.


The medical patients will experience incredible customer service as budtenders walk them through the cannabis selection process and help them find the products that are best for them. When you come to their dispensary, you are treated to their full line of unique cannabis products.


They are dedicated in serving Colorado’s cannabis community and is passionate about sharing their years of experience and knowledge in the cannabis products.

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