IgadI – Tabernash, CO

Located at: 72399 US Hwy 40

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About Us

IgadI in Tabernash, Colorado is a medical cannabis dispensary that is open to adults 21+ and medical cannabis patients. This is a full spectrum Cannabis Company dedicated to creating the ultimate experience by producing High Quality Products through Transparency and Education.They demonstrates a devotion to innovation by applying scientific knowledge to each product line to create a unique and educational experience for their customers.


Their dispensary operates every license available in the Colorado market and produces a variety of product lines including Gummies, Baked Goods, Concentrates, and Cartridges.


Their products are available all over Colorado from Denver. Whether you get their products from an official dispensary Location or any of their dispensing partners around the state they hope that you have an amazing cannabis experience and they look forward to Reimagining Cannabis with you.  The retail space includes a view into their professional dispensary in addition to providing educational information on all of the processes occurring behind scenes at the dispensary facility.

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