In Good Health Brockton, MA

Located at: 1200 West Chestnut St

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About Us

In Good Health is a Medical Marijuana Delivery Service in Brocktor MA. A health-focused team serving the needs and interests of the greater Brockton area and it’s surrounding communities. They serve the Brockton community by cultivating and dispensing medical marijuana products to caregivers and patients with valid Medical Use of Marijuana Program registration cards


Bringing the reputation and high quality of their Brockton marijuana dispensary to patients in need. They proudly serves residents of Brockton and the surrounding area who need, but otherwise could not access their medical cannabis products.


At their dispensary safety comes first for patients and processes, and as such, they fit each delivery drive with GPS tracking, video surveillance and two drivers per trip. Brockton medical marijuana patients can rest assured both their cannabis products and their safety and privacy are protected when they order from here. Massachusetts  patients along the southern reach of Cape Cod in Falmouth and beyond may safely and conveniently access statewide delivery service here.

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