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About Us

INSA is an Medical Marijuana Dispensary located in Springfield, MA. At this dispensary specialize in every step of the medical cannabis process, from sourcing to growing to creating and dispensing meticulously crafted medical cannabis products that suit your unique needs. Their result is a medical cannabis experience that’s trustworthy and effective, personal and handcrafted.


Their dispensary was founded on the simple belief that patients in their community deserve better. They deserve better medical cannabis products and better access to medical cannabis. In Massachusetts, they have witnessed firsthand the destruction opioids have caused in their community. They strongly believe that cannabis is a better, safer option that should be accessible to patients.


Their goal is to eliminate the stigma of medical cannabis by educating people about the medical benefits and approach to product development in order to create personalized, premium products. To this end, they have developed a state-of-the-art cultivation center.


Their dispensary hired talented professionals, all in order to craft a unique and top-notch medical cannabis dispensary experience. Everything they do at the dispensary is to improve the quality of life for their patients and their communities.

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