Kannavis Frederick, MD

Located at: 8709 Fingerboard Road, Frederick, MD, USA

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About Us

Kannavis is a Frederick, MD Medical Marijuana Dispensary. Compassion and professionalism is what defines them as dispensary agents at Frederick, MD. They provide Maryland patients with high-quality medical marijuana treatments, education and customer service. As a premier Maryland medical cannabis dispensary, they provide safe access to a variety medical cannabis and medical cannabis infused products for Maryland patients seeking alternative health solutions. They also have close relationships with their growers and processors to ensure quality and availability of menu options to address your wellness goals. Their licensed growers and processors are dedicated to providing quality products catered to patient needs.


Their team of attentive, compassionate, and knowledgeable staff will help you explore their menu and choose the right medical cannabis strains and products that best suits your wellness goals. They invest in sourcing and retailing safe and effective medical cannabis products local to the state of Maryland.


Their staff is responsive to patient needs, questions or concerns and will provide thoughtful and respectful guidance to ensure a quality experience.

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