Kind Care of Colorado Fort Collins, CO

Located at: 6617 S. College Ave

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About Us

Kind Care of Colorado is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary Center located in Fort Collins, Colorado.  This is a medical cannabis dispensary that has been locally owned and operated since 2009. Their dispensary goal is to provide their customers and patients with discreet, safe and affordable access to Medicinal Marijuana.


This dispensary at Colorado prides themselves on their contaminant-free crop. As you do not have to worry about using a product with chemicals in it. The team’s years of experience lets them serve medical customers with ease. If you have a question about the world of marijuana, the folks at their dispensary are happy to answer it. Their knowledgeable staff is dedicated, available to listen and happy to assist their patrons with finding the right medication for your needs. Their Inventory consists of a wide range of Marijuana Products.


If you are new to the Medical Marijuana products, please feel free to stop by or call their shop so they may speak with you about the advantages of being a Medical Marijuana Card Holder.

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