Lionheart Caregiving – Helena, MT

Located at: 4684 Birdseye Rd

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About Us

Lionheart Caregiving is a medical marijuana dispensary in Helena, Montana. As the premier dispensary chain in Montana, They are dedicated in providing it’s patients with the best, most effective medical cannabis products to help improve their quality of life. They have widened its range by opening a medical marijuana dispensary in Helena, just off Birdseye Road. They provide their patients with phenomenal organic cannabis treatments and products that cannot be matched anywhere else in the state.


Long trusted in the Montana world of medical cannabis, the staff in Helena has cemented its reputation as compassionate, consistent, and dependable. They are there for their patients at every turn, eager to answer any question. Abiding by their patient-first philosophy, this medical marijuana dispensary stands tall above the rest, a green beacon bright against a sea of darkness and doubt.  They strive every day to combine their quality product with a compassionate staff housed in a welcoming dispensary setting.


By providing their patients with top-shelf product, they have ensured every person who steps into their state-certified medicinal cannabis dispensary is happier, more self-assured about tackling the mundane, and, healthier as a result.

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