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Located at: 2007 Brooks St

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About Us

Lionheart Caregiving is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary located in Missoula, MT. Once the owners of the dispensary witnessed the healing potential of medical marijuana firsthand, they couldn’t go back. So, they opened the dispensary to support folks in need of relief. Their patient-first philosophy withstood the numerous legislative changes Montana has experienced.


They have expanded their purview by opening a medical marijuana dispensary in Missoula. They are the trusted name in the world of medical cannabis, aims to provide their patients with the best organic cannabis products and treatments Montana residents have ever seen — or tried, for that matter.


The stellar staff of this dispensary is known for going above and beyond for their patients, consistently and compassionately answering their every question. Staying steadfast to their great reputation, this dispensary of Missoula is proudly a patient-first medical marijuana dispensary. They have been serving the cannabis communities of Montana for years, building an extraordinary reputation that precedes them. They have become the premier medical marijuana dispensary chain throughout the Treasure State’s rolling prairies. Despite Montana’s roiling and continuously changing legislation, they have stayed true to their original goal of serving the residents of Montana with unbeatable quality and compassion.

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