Maine Organic Therapy Ellsworth, ME

Located at: 3 Myrick St Ste B

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About Us

Maine Organic Therapy is an Medical Marijuana Dispensary located at Ellsworth, ME. They are dedicated in enhancing the quality of life for their patients. They provide a secure, discreet, and educational environment where patients can learn the treatment options available using marijuana. They are proud to be strong proponents of medical marijuana education and supply the highest quality medicine for their many patients.


They have a team of committed and well-informed professionals who focus on improving the quality of life of their patients. The dispensary offers detailed information on all ailments qualified for treatment with medical cannabis in Maine. They provide patients with one of the best-quality extracted oils in the state. Some of the treatment options include twelve types of topicals, tinctures and edibles and up to ten different flower strains. They are also the first dispensary in Maine to carry top-quality concentrate products made by O.penVAPE. The knowledgeable staff helps you choose the right product for your ailment, and the prices are competitive.

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