Maribis of Springfield – Grandview, IL

Located at: 2272 N Grand Ave E, Grandview, IL, USA

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About Us

Maribis is one of the finest medical marijuana dispensaries in Grandview, llinois.  They uphold the highest standards of medical-grade Cannabis development to provide only premier products in the marketplace. Nurturing and improving upon quality of life is at the forefront of their organization. They believe in an integrative healthcare approach.


They assist and educate the patient community with a focused window of cannabis therapy for preferred delivery of medication, through safe and adequate means that meet the needs of individual patients. Compassion is key, and it is clear that every dispensary staff member at  this dispensary knows this.


Their team of consultants are here to listen and offer support. They know pain and suffering, and it is not easy. That is where they can help. Their priority is to help patients understand their medicine and its effects. They work diligently to find the right cannabis products for everyone through careful assessment and cater to each and every person that walks through their doors.

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