Marigold – Phoenix, AZ

Located at: 2601 W Dunlap Ave, Phoenix, AZ, USA

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About Us

Marigold is a Medical Cannabis Dispensary located in Phoenix, AZ. Experience the professionalism and welcoming atmosphere of their dispensary, a dispensary that takes marijuana to new highs. Their budtenders are knowledgeable, eager to help and give each patient individualized care. At their dispensary, Phoenix patients can learn all there is to know about medicating with cannabis, from what strains to use to which products fit their lifestyle best.


They proudly opened their doors to the medical cannabis community of Phoenix in 2017. Since they launched their dispensary they have connected with hundreds of patients, providing premium quality care and the best medical marijuana products. The founders started this cannabis dispensary to bring an all-natural alternative medicine to Phoenix medical cannabis patients.


Their mission was to create an environment where Phoenix patients could find premium cannabis products as well as in-depth information about medical marijuana products –and they provides precisely that. Their budtenders come from the medical marijuana and have a deep understanding of how cannabinoids and terpenes can influence a patient’s well-being and quality of life.

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