Maui Grown Therapies Kahului, HI

Located at: 44 Paa St

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About Us

Maui Grown Therapies is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary located at Kahului, Hi. This dispensary heralds a new era of medical marijuana therapies in Hawaii, proud to open their dispensary doors and aid patients in need. Their medical marijuana dispensary cultivates the highest quality plants and offers registered medical marijuana patients the compassionate care and treatments they need to improve their quality of life.


Their dispensary stands as the first medical marijuana dispensary in Hawaii, finally opened nearly 17 years after the state’s legalization of marijuana for medical use. The team at the dispensary offers high-class compassion and individualized care to every one of their patients. Their Advisory Board, led by a team of physicians, agriculturalists, and researchers, often meets to bring the latest cannabis research and advances to their Maui marijuana dispensary. They serve as a resource for their patients, taking the time to walk them through their marijuana products to help them understand how cannabis can fit specific health concerns.

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