Midcoast Medicinals Bowdoinham, ME

Located at: 1441 River Road Bowdoinham, ME 04008

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Growing for health and wellness, healing the body and mind, Midcoast Medicinals is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary at Bowdoinham, ME.  The dispensary staff  has an anchor their belief in the healing powers of natural, homegrown remedies to serve local cannabis patients. The team has been in the medical field for over twenty years and in the medical cannabis since the legalization of medicinal cannabis in Maine in 1999.


They have everything you would get at a dispensary without paying ridiculous dispensary prices. They also deliver to medical patients for a nominal fee for those who may be transportationally challenged. They emulates “know your farmer” traditions to ensure its customers put the most healthful cannabis remedies into their bodies. The staff at this dispensary take great pride in a singular take on cannabis.


True to its holistic vision, they work with a local nonprofit.They are specializes in high-grade medical RSO, which they mostly recommend to cancer patients. Both the flower and processes used to make the RSO are carefully monitored to ensure the purest, most beneficial treatment possible.

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