Mindful – Berthoud, CO

Located at: 1015 N. 2nd St. Berthoud, CO 80513

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About Us

Mindful is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary located in Berthoud, CO. They are proud to serve Colorado with the finest hand-crafted, mindfully-grown cannabis. They are committed in providing their customers with the highest-quality products and the very best in customer care, for Medical sales. Cannabis remains an important and effective medicine for thousands of Coloradans, and their dedication to their patients and Medical Members will remain their highest priority.


Established in 2009, they continue to dispense top-quality meds to marijuana patients surrounding Berthoud. Operating in full compliance with Ballot Amendment 20, the dispensary team is dedicated in assisting medical marijuana patients, Berthoud patients with questions can contact the staff.


The Berthoud dispensary team is required to learn the essentials of safe and responsible cannabis sales. They employ knowledgeable marijuana professionals with the desire to educate the Berthoud community on the medicinal benefits of marijuana. They strive to exceptional customer service and personalize each experience. They carries an inventory of top-quality marijuana products. Specializing in professionally cultivated cannabis strains.

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