Missoula Cannabis Caregivers Missoula, MT

Located at: 5646 West Harrier Street Suite A

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About Us

The Missoula Cannabis Caregivers is a Missoula Medical Marijuana Dispensary. They offer medical marijuana patients in Missoula, MT and beyond with a safe, welcoming environment in which to explore and purchase top-grade medicinal cannabis. Their expert team of growers and budtenders equips patients with the natural tools they need to take control of their wellness.


They began serving Missoula patients in 2009 with a commitment to organic cannabis and professional, individualized care. Cannabis provides purpose the team, and they are proud in offering their high level of holistic healing to any Missoula patient in need.


They provide an unparalleled care experience in their welcoming facility. Their clean, open storefront is extremely well lit and operated by a team of friendly, compassionate budtenders. Their team offers in-depth knowledge on each of their products and how medical marijuana can assuage many health concerns. Patients and budtenders work together to find the optimal cannabis therapy for their specific needs and lifestyle. The menu at the dispensary features some of the highest quality of cannabis products in the Big Sky State. They equips patients with more than 20 cannabis products.

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