Modern Medicinal MT Columbia Falls, MT

Located at: 210 Shadow Wood Dr, Columbia Falls, MT 59912

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About Us

Modern Meds is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary servicing the location of Columbia Falls, MT. They proudly open their dispensary doors to the medical marijuana communities surrounding Columbia Falls. They work with experienced cultivators and well-known vendors to provide an inventory of connoisseur quality meds. The Columbia Falls dispensary team is dedicated to providing superior service, cannabis patients with questions are invited to stop in or contact the dispensary.


They prides themselves in making medical cannabis accessible to the citizens of Columbia Falls. Not only do they provide medicinal cannabis products, but they also offer education on obtaining legal permission to get medical marijuana products. Their employs motivate individuals with a desire to enhance their knowledge of the marijuana products. The Columbia Falls dispensary staff is composed of experienced cannabis professionals who work with a network of doctors. Together, they strive to educate the Columbia Falls community on the medicinal benefits of marijuana. They also offer financial assistance for their in-house exam for low-income patients.

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