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Montana Organic Medical Supply is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary located in Billings, MT.They started out with a medical marijuana patients.  The dispensary team prioritizes their patients’ lasting wellness and offers the highest level of compassion, knowledge, and products to improve their patient family’s quality of life.


The founders dream was to combine top-quality cannabis healing with all things health-related and provide a one-stop-shop for patients to achieve and maintain wellness. A Montana native, Billings fit as the ideal spot, and they opened their dispensary doors for the first time in 2008. They are more than a dispensary, they are a full-scale private health facility that focuses on all aspects of holistic healing.


Holistic healing is their passion, and the entire team is proud to offer a professional, welcoming space for patients to learn about medical cannabis and how to take care of their bodies.They provide plenty of brochures on supplements, exercise, and other health topics while a compassionate team member will troubleshoot with new visitors on their diet, exercise, and prescription regiment. Then, a team member will discuss what the patient hopes to achieve with medical cannabis and will guide them towards the optimal medicine for their needs. Rather than patching a problem, they addresses the root issue to correct problems traditional medicine cannot fix.

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