Motown Meds – Detroit, MI

Located at: 18334 W Warren Ave, Detroit, MI 48228, USA

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About Us

Motown Meds is a dispensary that serves medicinal cannabis patients in Detroit, Michigan. They strive for outstanding customer service, recognizing that patients are suffering from debilitating conditions and may only find relief using medical marijuana products. The dispensary offers a well-rounded selection of cannabis to meet every need, whether it is indica-dominant, sativa-dominant or a balance of the two. They sell concentrates made from their various cannabis strains and vape cartridges.


Their staff is compassionate, knowledgeable and willing to educate new patients about the uses and benefits of cannabis. They provide top-quality medical marijuana products in a variety of forms to help each patient find a product to suit their specific needs.


First-time patients receive a free gift, and the dispensary has a selection of flower and shatter available at discounted prices. This shop specializes in extracts and edibles, with an impressive selection that exceeds many Detroit dispensaries. They are licensed to serve registered medical marijuana patients.

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